Role: Account Planner

Objective: In September 2015, Snapple asked the Miami Advertising Club to create an integrated 2017 holistic campaign to grow Snapple volume in the United States.

Insight: People don’t have enough play in their daily lives.

Strategy: Prove that the Snapple consumer’s inner playfulness is good for themselves as well as their company.

Solution: In order to increase Snapple volume, we crafted a campaign that would include paid and earned media, event marketing, web and in-store activation tactics.

We found a rallying cry around what Snapple should stand for- play. Snapple has the opportunity to become the brand that provides a playful break in people’s day. Snapple can be that brand by starting a conversation about how people can bring play into the work world.  

Check out our plan book for a closer look!

Outcome: Months of hard work yielded great reward. Our team was awarded 3rd place and “Best Creative” at the District 5 NSAC regional competition.

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